Matthew McConaughey ready to ’embrace’ Trump

matthewMatthew McConaughey stole the limelight today when he announced that Americans might as well support Donald Trump’s presidency. This he said in the heights of Trump’s new law prohibiting all Muslims from entering the US.

In an interview with Andrew Marr, the actor put on a mellow attitude towards the newly-elected President saying that Americans should give him a chance in his plans. Being the elected president, Americans ‘got no choice now’ and accept the dynamic as well as divisive attitude of the public towards his inauguration.

“At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact and be constructive with him over the next four years,” he said as cited by Yahoo Movies.

The actor further explained that even those who condemned Trump and his principles might think how to be constructive to his administration.

The Dallas Buyer Club actor is one of the few Hollywood celebs who did not turn against Trump unlike what Meryl Streep, Madonna and Amy Schumer who continuously slammed Trump in their social media sites.

America Ferrera, and Chelsea Handler are also one of the Hollywood celebs who participated in the Women’s March, according to EW.

Comedian Amy Schumer, on the other hand attacked Trump for saying that Chuck Schumer (the comedian’s cousin and a Democratic senator) had ‘faked tears’ for the Muslim Ban.

Source: Facebook

In a lengthy Instagram post, the comedian-actress pronounced that the Muslim ban is ‘unconstitutional and cruel.’ She then urged her followers to take action especially urging ‘sheltered friends’ to participate on a very important socio-political issue.

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey’s words got aired on Sunday morning in Britain. He is currently working on a new movie project, ‘Gold’ in which he played the part of a businessman who got lucky in discovering gold and other precious metals in the jungles of Indonesia.




One thought on “Matthew McConaughey ready to ’embrace’ Trump

  1. As you know I’m not a fan of celebrity but as I have a bit of time to kill at the airport I watched Andrew Marr’s clip of the interview with McConaughey and to say he stole the limelight is a massive overstatement. It was a polite response to a very leading question from naughty Andrew and McConaughey’s reply was measured without actually saying anything whereas as you have confirmed lots of Hollywood actors including comedians, artists, writers and political commentators have come out firmly against Trump! As McConaughey implies only time will tell if this man will be a good or bad thing. Regarding your statement about banning all Muslims that is factually incorrect, or is it an ‘alternative fact’. To date he has only banned Muslims traveling from 7 countries associated with terrorism.

    Trump has been invited to the UK on a state visit by our PM and a petition against the visit was signed by over 1.7 million people with those in favour reaching just over 200k. So you can see the level of disbelief for the current POTUS the world over, which was exemplified by the Woman’s March, I hope you took part. The next four years are gonna be a rollercoaster ride…. get your tin hat out… if you don’t have one I can supply!!! The gate is now open…. is it too early for a beer…. never 🙂 x

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