Speak, Heart!


It’s about to be Valentine’s Day soon with me spending it in a new country. My Valentine’s were generally uneventful as most of them are school days and I have to be in the daily grind. Anyways, just wanna share these painfully sweet lines in time of this Feb-ibig. Those who know this blog before, yes, I am reviving it. I recently stopped from an online gig and I miss news writing so so much. So I want to continue that here. I also want to rekindle my old love for poetry. Hope you enjoy my page.


Speak, Heart!

By Ursula Krechel

So cold was the heart that it
was afraid for itself,
it drowned language, wanted to be
called callous,
snuggled against tiles
lived like happy maggots
under baskets of sour cherries
gnawing selflessly into the strangeness,
head first, tired, so palpitating, the heart
was speechless. What also happened
very quietly the face fell into two pieces.
Language lost its thread
scraping into the ground, without purpose.


One thought on “Speak, Heart!

  1. The origins of Valentines Day is mainly a mystery but has it’s roots in Roman tradition and then made popular in Victorian Britain until it was ambushed by the States and is now a commercial affair rather than a romantic one.

    All countries must have their own romantic icons to celebrate rather than follow the commercial path. In Wales we have one of the oldest romantic tales and hence we celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day on 25 January. Dwynwen was a princess of Wales, living close to the farm by Llangorse Lake, who was unlucky in love, became a nun and devoted her life to praying for the love of others.

    On the theme of your lovely poem I share with you this poem by Torquato Tasso, an Italian poet in the 1500’s as it is very apt for the day and my destination

    Behold, the murmuring waves

    Now the waves murmur
    And the boughs and the shrubs tremble
    in the morning breeze,
    And on the green branches the pleasant birds
    Sing softly
    And the east smiles;
    Now dawn already appears
    And mirrors herself in the sea,
    And makes the sky serene,
    And the gentle frost impearls the fields
    And gilds the high mountains:
    O beautiful and gracious Aurora,
    The breeze is your messenger, and you the breeze’s
    Which revives each burnt-out heart.

    So che posso sognare, so che non ti avrò mai, ma so anche che non potrò mai smettere d’amarti!

    I hope you are keeping up with your 2017 Book Challenge, traveling seems to be the only time I can get a chance to relax and read, so as my novel set in a country I’m visiting I’m reading Alberto Moravia’s fantastic book ‘The Woman of Rome’ written in 1947, check it out if you have time x

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