February is such a hell month [not a love month] for me as the heartaches in my workplace continue. Lol. As I sulk in the midst of my mistakes and the endless workload, I seek refuge in the words of this author, Yann Martel from a downloaded e-book in my phone. His novel Self is so familiar, it gives me that jolt that maybe, I can write something of that genre too. I promise to write a full review about it in a couple of days. Anyways, it would be Monday again and before I let the jitters set in, I would like to share this poem that I found online. Something to remind me that February is love month, a time to read and share more love poems. Here’s for the last few remaining days of February!



The best part
is when we’re tired
of it all
in the same degree,

a fatigue we imagine
to be temporary,
and we lie near each other,
toes touching.

What’s done is done,
we don’t say,
to begin our transaction,

each letting go of something
without really
bringing it to mind

until we’re lighter,

and a current
runs between us
where our toes touch.

It feels unconditional.

Remember this, we don’t say:

The Little Mermaid
was able to absorb
her tail,

refashion it
to form legs.

This meant that
everything’s negotiable

and that everything is played out
in advance

in secret.



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